Tuesday, January 24, 2012

SIMPLIFY your recipes

Was just thinking yesterday about how SIMPLY we eat at the Garner household.  Recipes usually consist of a few basic ingredients.  Whether its chicken in the crockpot with italian dressing, or baked pork chops or fish, it's usually super simple to prepare.  I don't use many food items that can't be found at Aldi, so it's often very traditional fixings.  Nothing fancy schmancy around here.  Almost every meal is accompanied by a salad or veggie tray, a warmed up frozen veggie, possibly rice or homemade mashed potatoes, and rolls or bread.  I believe I save money by shopping at Aldi and sticking to a handful of favorite recipes, and always having the ingredients on hand.  That way I don't have a bunch of ingredients laying around that I only use once in a while for that ONE certain recipe.  Everything I have is very versatile, good with red meat or white.  We train our palatte for variety, so the trick is to train it for routine.  Most countries eat Rice and Beans EVERYDAY!!  And many of us complain if we have to have the leftovers again the next day.  We have gotten spoiled in America, to say the least.  Anyways, just my thoughts:)

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  1. Thank you for confirming Phil and my thoughts/desires in becoming more simplistic in every way...including in the kitchen. We were just talking about how many people in other countries eat rice and beans...and we complain about not having more of a variety when we have the greatest variety around. Glad there are others in our lives who question similar things.