Thursday, January 19, 2012


I truly don't know much about blogging, though looking at some of the ones I've stumbled upon, THEY DO!  So this will be simple, but informative.  I won't always have awesome pictures or fancy lettering, but that just takes too much time, and since my goal is to simplify life by getting back to the basics, taking extra time just won't work for me.  My goal through this blog is to share the things I've learned about making things from scratch, saving money, and being healthy in the process!!  I love to spend time finding old school recipes for home cleaning products that are super easy.  Also enjoy encouraging people to make things from scratch!  I know life is super busy and buying the "box" is so much easier, but let me tell's not healthier and most of the time, is so much more expensive than making it yourself!!  I'm not a scientist or a dietician, and my information is usually borrowed from someone else, but I'll do the work of putting together what I have found to be useful, effective, and if it's food related, yummy!  So enjoy what I'm learning and trying, and always feel free to comment what YOU have discovered or recipes you have tweaked!!  One size doesn't always fit all...


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    1. I'm going to pass on your blog on my blog. I think many people who read my blog will benefit from this!

    2. Thanks, Missy! I'm going to try to keep up on here with all the things I'm learning and trying:) It's exciting!